Touch Controls

Touch sensors are the key element in the Touch Toggle System. Our touch sensors are 5/8” square, and can be mounted as closely as you'd like, even touching. Bright colors indicate each sensors operation. 

Capacitive sensors can be used through 1/8” glass, plastic, printed paper or translucent plastic control panels. 

Three versions of our touch control are currently available:

  • A toggling Touch Control Sensor with a single center  indicator light. The behavior is touch once for on, touch again for off. The color of the indicator changes back and forth from red to green to show the control's state. This toggling action can be used wherever an on/off switch might have been used before. 
  • A toggling Touch Control Sensor with two separate red and green  indicator lights, 3/8” apart. The separate indicator lights in this control can be used to provide a physical indication of the direction of the controlled operation, and to make the indication more clear to those who have difficulty seeing color changes.
  • A green and green two-light Touch Toggle is useful for situations where the red indicator might be distracting or confusing.
  • Momentary Touch Control with a single yellow center indicator light. It operates with a momentary action: touch on, release off.

All controls come with a 12 inch lead wire attached. That length is plenty for most situations. Our 3-pin extensions can be used to extend that distance (up to 50 feet!)


Please note that our touch sensors are dependable, but should never be used where a hazard might be possible due to failure or unexpected operation by some environmental trigger.

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