How It Works

The panel is your creation - perhaps a row of touch-spots with labels, a map with touchable locations, or a diagram with touchable features. The design is simply drawn on paper, either by hand or with a computer and printer. Wherever you need a control, a bit of white paper is left - perhaps highlighted in a circle or a square. 


The panel's drawing is then put into a picture frame. Cut the paper with scissors or a razor to fit the size of the glass. Each Touch Toggle with it's built in indicator light is then attached to the back of the paper with adhesive tape - clear double-faced tape does the neatest job. When assembled, the light coming from the touch control illuminates the paper from behind in a bright spot. The touch sensor works right through plastic, glass or paper, so the control itself is never seen.

Toggle controls show change by alternating from red to green. Each touch control comes with either one spot that changes color or with two spots a short distance apart to show the direction of the change. 

Momentary controls are a steady yellow. They blink off to confirm when they've been touched.

A thin wire leads from each control and plugs into a Base unit. Each control Base connects to 2, 4, or 8 touch controls. Direct Bases come with either wire clamping terminals or sockets for plug-together DC power wires to connect the Base to whatever you need to control. For the simplest installation mount the control base on the surface right behind the picture frame where it's easy to install and hidden when the frame is in place.

>> Putting it together, step by step...

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