The Packages

To simplify buying the right sets of materials, and to help along a bit with the cost, we offer a number of packages to get you started. 

  • Each Direct Control board is available in cost saving packages with one Touch Toggle for each input.
  • Our four output Snap-Action Base is available in a package with four Touch Toggles.
  • Our two output Relay Base is available in a package with two Touch Toggles.
  • Our Servo Control Base is available in a package with eight Touch Toggles.

For your convience several of our smaller items come in packages as well:

  • Touch Toggles are available in a four pack
  • Tortoise Switch Machine Adapters are available in a six pack.
  • Servos are available in four pack.
  • Each of our servo mounts are available in four packs for more savings in cost.

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