Advanced Users

Our touch controls are designed to be easy to connect to any modern logical circuit. Use our controls to operate your own electronic projects! Low cost and easy to use by any developer as an input. And touch controls with base units can be used to control electrical projects large and small.

  • Individual Touch Controls operate on 5V and use about 15ma. Connectors slide onto .1” headers. Each button has CMOS logic level output common to many micro-controllers and logic circuits. A 4049/4050 series buffer can boost the output to TTL levels.
  • Direct Base units provide 50ma of 12v DC power with on/on or reversing output.
  • Relay Base units provide DPDT contacts with an 8 amp rating for larger loads.  

Add bright, self-indicating touch controls and custom-printed panels to your latest plans.

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Contact Berrett Hill about how you can integrate our controls with your electronics.

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